Debra Day
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant


Together we will address your needs so you can reach your breastfeeding goals

Receive CONSISTENT evidence based advice and care

Newborn lying skin to skin on her mothers abdomen. This position promotes proper feeding behavior.

Debra Day, LM, IBCLC

Debra Day, Midwife, IBCLC

I have more than 40 years experience as a home birth midwife. I have delivered hundreds of babies and supported these and many more mothers in reaching breastfeeding success. 

I am the mother of 7 children and grandmother of 15.

My knowledge of how and why to breastfeed comes from my personal as well as professional experience and education. 

I believe, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics, that a mother's breast milk is the perfect food for her baby.  

Let's work together to:

  • prepare for your birth and breastfeeding through education.
  • choose a maternity care provider that shares your breastfeeding goals. 
  • create a birth and breastfeeding support plan to inform your care provider and the hospital or birth center staff of your desires and goals for feeding your baby. This is an important step to insure that breastfeeding is a successful, positive experience right from the start.  


Contact me at 512-253-4404 



  • You are feeling insecure about how breastfeeding is going and you just need reassurance.
  • you have nipple or breast swelling or pain. 
  • your baby doesn't appear comfortable or relaxed.
  • your baby is struggling with latching, sucking, or feeding effectively.
  • your baby is not asking to nurse at least 8 or more times a day.
  • your baby isn't producing the number of wet or poopy diapers that you're expecting. 

I offer:

  • lactation consultations while you're in the hospital. Early care from a lactation consultant has been shown to positively  influence breastfeeding success.
  • lactation consultations in your home. A visit after you return home from the hospital can prevent and solve breastfeeding difficulties.
  • lactation consultation at my office. Come on in to my office for one on one or group breastfeeding support.
  • weight checks. Weighing your baby before and after a feeding can ease your concern, "is my baby getting enough milk.

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